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Are Baby Teeth Really That Important?

December 29, 2020 12:21 am

Children usually get their first tooth before their first birthday. By the time they’re three years old or so, most kids have a full set of baby teeth. Many parents wonder how beneficial these teeth are if they’re just going to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth! Read on to learn about the importance of baby teeth.

Purpose of Baby Teeth

Healthy baby teeth are necessary for chewing, speaking, and facial development. Baby teeth also hold space for permanent teeth and help teach your child how to maintain good oral health habits.

A child’s teeth need to stay strong and healthy until they’re ready to fall out on their own. If they come out too early because of decay or dental trauma, the permanent teeth can emerge at the wrong angle and your child’s speech development, nutrition, and self-esteem can suffer.

Establishing Good Oral Care Habits

Patients who visit the dentist regularly and brush their teeth daily in childhood are much more likely to take good care of their teeth as teenagers and adults. The condition of your child’s baby teeth and their future permanent teeth will greatly affect their quality of life.

Good oral care at home and regular professional cleanings protect your child from painful dental problems like gum disease, infections, and loss of permanent teeth. Good oral health will also reduce their risk of other associated medical issues, such as anxiety, depression, malnutrition, and heart disease.

Pediatric Dental Care in Kerrville, TX

We understand that keeping a child’s smile healthy can be a challenge. If a baby tooth becomes decayed or damaged, don’t ignore it just because it will fall out someday! If possible, we will save a baby tooth if it isn’t ready to come out on its own. We offer treatments like baby root canals and pediatric dental crowns so your child can keep their baby teeth until their adult ones are ready.

If you have any questions about baby teeth or want to schedule an appointment, please contact Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry in Kerrville, TX!

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