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Healthy Fruits for Healthy Teeth

December 12, 2017 1:32 pm

We all know that fruit is good for you, but what fruits are good for your teeth? We have a few favorites we love to share that will give you a beautiful, healthy smile.


Apples are one of the best fruits for your mouth. High in fiber and water, the action of eating an apple actually produces saliva in your mouth which serves as your mouth’s self-cleaning agent by rinsing away bacteria and food particles. They are also highly fibrous and stimulate your gums and reduce cavity-causing bacteria to build up in your mouth. These benefits don’t translate to apple juice or cider, however, so always go for the real thing!


This summer berry contains ellagitannis, antioxidants that reduce stain-attracting bacteria and inflammation in your mouth. They also have Vitamin C which helps prevent gum disease and inflammation. Malic acid, an enzyme that acts as a natural enamel whitener or astringent that removes discoloration on your teeth’s surface, can be found in strawberries, too. You can even make your own at-home whitening treatment by crushing up a strawberry, mixing it with baking soda, and, using a soft toothbrush, spreading it on your teeth. Leave this mixture on your teeth for about five minutes before rinsing. Be sure to floss, as well, to remove any tiny strawberry seeds!


Speaking of naturally whitening your teeth, if you’re looking to get a brighter smile naturally, stock up on this tropical fruit. Pineapples are the only food that naturally contain the anti-inflammatory compound bromelain, which helps to break up plaque in your mouth, is full of cleansing properties, and is an effective ingredient in stain-removing toothpaste.

Citrus Fruits

Chock full of vitamin C, citrus fruits are great for your health and your teeth. By chewing fiber-rich fruits, the fiber massages your gums, helping to increase saliva production. The saliva then neutralizes citric and malic acids that citrus fruits can leave in your mouth.

It’s important to remember that fruits contain a high amount of sugar, so moderation is key. While these fruits do a good job at helping you keep your teeth clean, nothing replaces regular brushing and flossing and coming in for regular check-ups and cleanings. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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