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How to Enjoy Halloween Candy in a Teeth-Friendly Way

October 19, 2017 1:13 pm

This Halloween, your child can still smile sweet after a little trick-or-treat fun! No, candy isn’t good for their teeth, but it’s hard to deny those big puppy-dog eyes when they ask if they can please just have one or two! There are a few ways to let your little one indulge without causing cavities down the road.

The Type of Candy Is Important

Hard candies like jawbreakers and extra sticky candies like Airheads or those infamous Dots are just not kind to teeth. The hard candies can cause cracks or chips in teeth if your child bites down wrong. Chewy candies coat teeth in sticky sugar that is a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria.

A better option is to open up a piece of chocolate. The texture isn’t bad for your teeth, and while there is still sugar coating your teeth, it isn’t stuck on there like with gummies. Go for chocolate bars (preferably without the sticky caramel) or M&Ms. Bonus points for eating dark chocolate! It has less sugar than milk chocolate and offers other minor health benefits.

Another decent, although admittedly unpopular option, is candy corn. Yes, they’re basically all sugar, but the sugar comes off the teeth much easier with brushing and flossing than the stuff left behind by sticky candy. They’re also soft, so there’s next to no risk of chipping a tooth!

Brush & Floss

No matter what kind of candy your little ghoul wants to enjoy on All Hallows’ Eve, it’s important that your child is brushing and flossing regularly throughout the year. Yes, including Halloween – pop those fake vampire teeth out and get in a good brushing before bed. They should brush for at least two minutes twice a day and floss between teeth at least once a day. This helps keep the surface of teeth free of sugar, acid, and bacteria, all of which can cause major dental problems.

Whether it’s leading up to Halloween or after the candy is gone, make sure you also bring your child in for a dental exam at Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry. Our team can help make sure your child enjoys a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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