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child learning to properly brush his teeth to reverse early tooth decay and prevent cavities

Can You Reverse Cavities?

September 29, 2021 10:23 pm Published by

In our blog post, we explain how you can help your child reverse early tooth decay and prevent cavities.

A tooth next to a red and white first aid kit to indicate care for a dental emergency

Addressing Dental Emergencies for Kids

August 26, 2021 3:12 am Published by

Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry offers emergency dental care for children and teenagers in Kerrville. In our blog post, we share how to address a dental emergency!

Cartoon of a person with bleeding gums indicating gum disease.

Why Does My Child Have Bleeding Gums?

June 26, 2021 6:17 pm Published by

Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry in Kerrville will be there every step of the way until your child's problem with bleeding gums is solved. In fact, we are here for whatever help you need to keep your child's oral health in excellent condition. Call to schedule an appointment.

Graphic showing snacks like candy, soda & chips.

Is Pandemic Snacking Causing Cavities?

April 27, 2021 11:14 pm Published by

Dental health is still important, even during a pandemic. You can combat the effects of snacking by committing to solid oral hygiene routines at home and keeping up with cleanings at our Kerrville office. Contact us to schedule preventive care.

Pitcher and glass of milk on a table in front of a field of sunflowers.

Is Milk Good For Your Teeth?

March 26, 2021 6:54 pm Published by

Our Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry team in Kerrville, TX wants to help your family have excellent oral health. Good nutrition is one part and regular visits to our office is another. We provide a welcoming atmosphere and kid-friendly amenities. Call us today!

Closeup of a woman's mouth as she is flossing with string floss

When Was Dental Floss Invented?

February 27, 2021 2:07 pm Published by

Read our blog post to learn about the history of dental floss & when it was invented. We'd love to share more cool dental facts with your child at their next checkup. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!