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Pediatric Dental Crowns in Kerrville, TX

Whether your child has had a problem with one particular tooth or a few teeth, our team would be happy to examine their smile to find a custom treatment plan that will fit their unique needs. Kids’ dental crowns are different from adult crowns, so we always recommend that parents bring their kids to an experienced pediatric dental office that offers high-quality pediatric dental crown services. Give our office a call or submit a message through our virtual contact form today! Contact Us
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Are pediatric dental crowns necessary?

Dental crowns are used when a tooth has become weak due to damage or decay and needs the support of a dental restoration. They are also used after baby root canals to restore the teeth and protect them from incurring further damage. If our team recommends that your child receive a crown, that is likely the best option for their smile. Pediatric dental crowns come off when the baby tooth that it’s adhered to falls out.
smiling young girl sitting in a dental chair

What kind of crown should my child get?

Tots to Teens offers both stainless steel crowns and tooth-colored dental crowns for kids. Stainless steel crowns are very durable and more cost-effective, which is why many parents choose them when their child needs a crown on a molar. Tooth-colored crowns blend in better with the surrounding teeth, so they are used more often with front teeth. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your child to decide what’s best for their smile!
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What is aftercare like for a pediatric dental crown?

Once the crown is placed, kids should not eat anything until the numbness of the local anesthetic has worn off to avoid biting their tongues. They should only eat soft foods like yogurt and applesauce for a while, and try to chew with the other side of their mouth if possible. They should also continue practicing good oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing like usual, even on the day of their treatment. Ready to schedule your child’s next appointment? We can’t wait to see them! Schedule Appointment