Pediatric Sports Mouthguards in Kerrville, TX

Physical activity is great for children’s mental and physical wellbeing but also carries the possibility of unexpected injuries with it. In terms of dental injuries, studies have found that millions of teeth are knocked out every year in sporting events. If your kids are highly active or participate in any kind of contact sports, it helps to make sure they can play safely. That’s why at Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we offer preventive services like athletic mouthguards for kids. Reach out to our office today to schedule an appointment and help prevent dental injuries before they happen. Safeguard Young Smiles
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Does My Child Need an Athletic Mouthguard?

In many regulated sports leagues (including high school sports) some form of mouth protection is often required to participate. Outside of regulated team sports, mouthguards are of course optional, but certainly worth the effort. When mouthguards began to be required for high school and college football in 1962, dental injuries dropped from around 50% down to just 0.5%. Mouthguards can absorb strong impacts that would otherwise damage or knock out a tooth, which is why they’re so effective. We highly recommend them!
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Store-Bought Mouthguards Vs. Custom Mouthguards

Buying generic, over-the-counter mouthguards is always an option in a pinch, but at Tots to Teens, we can make mouthguards designed from scratch to be a perfect fit for your child. Every smile is unique, and as a result, store-bought mouthgards can often be less comfortable. If the fit is too loose, they could even fall out entirely, which defeats the purpose of wearing one. If your child or teen engages in regular physical activity it’s worth seeking out the protection of a custom mouthguard.
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How Much do Mouthguards Cost?

The cost of a mouthguard can also vary depending on factors like size and material used. The key advantage, however, is that they can potentially save you from expensive emergency dental costs. If a tooth is knocked out, saving or replacing it can ultimately be much pricier. At Tots to Teens, we’re also committed to making sure dental care is affordable for families in Kerrville and the surrounding communities. To make that possible we offer a variety of flexible payment options and accept most forms of dental insurance. Visit our financial page to learn more! Learn More