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Gentle Dental Extractions for Kids in Kerrville, TX

Should your child ever need an adult or baby tooth extraction, our team at Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry has you covered. We work with kids of all ages, and we explain each of our procedures in a kid-friendly way to help our young patients stay calm and comfortable in the dental chair. If you need to schedule your child’s next visit with us, our team would be happy to help you over the phone or virtually through our contact form.

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Does my child need a tooth extraction?

Patients will occasionally need an adult or baby tooth pulled for a variety of reasons. Baby teeth sometimes struggle to come out even when the adult tooth is ready to come in, so we will remove the tooth to prevent any damage or pain from occurring. Teeth can also cause alignment issues, and sometimes the best solution is to add one or more dental extractions to the patient’s orthodontic treatment plan. If a tooth has endured excessive tooth decay or damage, it may be too weak to restore, and our team will recommend removing and replacing it if necessary.

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What is aftercare like for a dental extraction?

Dental extractions are one of the more invasive treatments within dentistry, and as such, they require some recovery time, especially for children. We recommend propping your child’s head up on a pillow, having them hold an ice pack against their cheek, and offering pain medication as needed once they arrive home. Your child should also stick to soft foods, like applesauce, soup, yogurt, and smoothies, for at least a couple of days while they heal, and wait until the numbness wears off before eating. They should also avoid drinking anything through a straw, as this can cause a painful complication called a dry socket.

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When can my child return to school after a dental extraction?

We don’t recommend that kids return to school right after a dental extraction. Instead, they should go straight home and get some rest. Pastimes that don’t require a lot of physical activity like reading or watching movies is ideal, as too much activity can cause complications in the healing process. When your child returns to school, work, and extracurriculars will depend on them and their specific treatment plan, but we usually tell patients to expect to take two or three days off from their normal activities. Our team would be happy to provide more insight at your child’s next appointment with us.

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